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Do you recall a time in your childhood when you felt alone? Your child may be experiencing it too.

3 minutes of Breathwork a day
brings joy and confidence to your child


Conscious breathing is important for children in their early developmental years...

It fosters a strong foundation for a regulated nervous system. How amazing is that? Imagine growing up with the gift of being conscious of your own emotions and having the tools to self-regulate.

Children, like adults, can experience feelings of loneliness for various reasons. Loneliness in children is a complex emotional state that can be influenced by a combination of developmental, environmental, and personal factors.


Here are several consequences of children experiencing loneliness:

  • Mental Health Issues such as depression and anxiety

  • Diminished Life Satisfaction

  • Social Withdrawal

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Negative Effects on Relationships

  • Challenges in Concentration and Task Completion


Here are some common reasons why children may feel lonely at times:

  • Lack of Social Interaction

  • Life Transitions and Changes

  • Shyness or Social Anxiety

  • Bullying or Rejection

  • Feeling a Lack of Empathy or Understanding

It is easy to get caught up in all the concern.


You possess a beautiful power within you to awaken that deep connection with your heart and the heart of the children around you.

In spite the challenging environment our children are facing through constant overstimulation, the world-wide pandemic, we come together and give ourselves the chance to progress rather than simply re-act around what we are living. Our inherent nature is to be social creatures and it is through our community that we can maximize our own potential. 


Together we can...

learn about emotions to understand the roadmap of what is happening within us, how to feel them in our bodies to be still and get the messages inside of us, and then how to regulate them with breathing patterns, which is a quick and easy way to connect within. Establish healthy routines with the breath to distress, have more energy, and be overall healthier. We can dive into the technology of heart coherence and the power of our intuitive heart to live and guide children from our authentic center. 

We believe it is essential in creating a healthy and happy community at school and at home. Happy Breathing Essentials is an opportunity to support children to process, connect, be aware, solve, regulate, and establish long-lasting relationships from their hearts.

Feel it

Connect to your mind heart coherence, learn techniques to awaken your intuitive heart and learn to create intention in your life.

Name it

Allow the connection to your feeling body to receive its wisdom and messages.

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Breathe it

Receive breathing patterns that can help you integrate and shift your emotional state through the awarness of your breath.

An online expert-led program for parents, teachers, guides or adults to guide children through the power of the breath to gain emotional awareness, intelligence, and self-regulation.

Meet the Founder


Hi, I'm Natalia

" I'm not talking about something you don't know, I am reminding your heart of something you already knew"... this is what I tell the children when I'm talking to them about emotions in their heart.


You see, I am in this path so share my burning desire to remind parents and teachers that we have the key to opening our intuition and following our most intimate guide that drives us every moment of every day. I'm here to share with you that through the softest of ways we can be open to finding the road map to our wholeness and that once we do, we can guide the children in our life find their center, stay in their authenticity, and celebrate all of their emotions. Because emotions are our guide. I believe that children have the possibility to regulate their nervous system and change the world, one heart beat at a time.


My craft is breath-work as it is the bridge to reaching deep within.  


Hello, I am Natalia Bennett I have been directing Mt West Montessori school in El Paso for over 25 years and have loved working with parents and children through the transformational power of the breath. I have worked with hundreds of people awakening their feeling hearts trough Transformation Breathwork® and now supporting hundreds of students through Happy Breathing. 

Follow your heart and join me during this course. 

With Love, Natalia 

What are you going to learn?

  • How to use breathwork to connect with and balance emotions

  • How to respond instead of react to challenging situations

  • How to develop self-regulation skills and lead healthier dynamics based on deeper connections and open communication

  • How to attune to children's needs and help them cultivate self-awareness in order to develop healthier relationships with themselves and others

  • How to use our Happy Breathing® tools and techniques (charts, cards, and plush animals)

  • Gain insights into how the nervous system codes personality and how breath patterns can promote more joy, calmness, love, and a sense of safety

Happy Breath

Safe Breath


Calm Breath


Love Breath


Course Overview

Through a carefully crafted curriculum that blends science, mindfulness, and practical techniques, you'll unlock the power of your breath for emotional awareness, intelligence, and self-regulation and guide you in creating safe and harmonious environments where children can thrive. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or guide, join us today and discover the life-changing benefits of Happy Breathing Essentials!

Lifetime access for the course

Full access to the Essentials Community for questions, connection, and more!


The Conscious Adult

-Our Role as adults

-Becoming the observer

-Communicating from the heart

-Stages of Development and Awakening of Consciousness

-History of the Breath

-BONUS: Parenting Styles + WORKBOOK


The Mind and Body Connection

- Our Human Intelligence: Emotions
- Emotions in the body: How and When do they get coded?

- Our Mantra: Feel emotions, Name emotions, and Breathe emotions
- Duck Breath: The “I feel joyful” breath
- Giraffe Breath: the “I feel calm” breath


The Breath

- What is Conscious Breathing? A tool for consciousness

- The Importance of a Connected Environment
- Penguin Breath: “I feel safe" breath
- Lamb Breath: “I feel loved” breath


Preparing our Home and Work Environment

- How to use our Happy Breathing Tools

-What may the Children be Asking?

- Preparing Yourself/Entrainment with your Child

- Preparing your Space

-I-Connect Sessions

Buy Course + Box

Get full access to the program + The Happy Breathing Essentials Box



A $1997 price for only $597!

-Essentials Box-$475 value

BONUS: Parenting Styles with workbook-$287 value

Module 1: Conscious Adult-$287 value

Module 2: Mind-Body Connection-$287 value

Module 3: The Happy Breathing Breaths-$287 value

Module 4: The Prepared Environment-$287 value

Child & Adult Heart Coherence Meditations-$87 value

+Lifetime Access

8 HR Course Completion

Online Community for questions and connection!

This course is intended for personal use and is not intended to certify or qualify individuals to offer training.

The Happy Breathing Essentials Box

What you'll see inside:

  • 4 specially selected plush Jr Warmies®

  • 2 Emotion Circles

  • 1 set of Sensation Cards

  • 2 sets of Emotion Cards (different levels)

“Happy Breathing has guided my students to identify, feel their emotions, and to express them. There is a definite difference in the child after practicing breathing class. I can feel a calm and relaxed nervous system.
The Happy Breathing experience at our school has taken us to have peaceful days and I am grateful for the prepared breathing materials that we have in the classroom.
I love it and I recommend it as a Montessori guide and as a person."

Genoveva Perez, TX

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