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Three minutes of
Breathwork a day
brings joy
and confidence
to your child.

Breathe together,
feel together


Feel it

Connect to your mind heart coherence, learn techniques to awaken your intuitive heart and learn to create intention in your life.

Name it

Allow the connection to your feeling body to receive its wisdom and messages.

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Breathe it

Receive breathing patterns that can help you integrate and shift your emotional state through the awarness of your breath.

An online expert-led program for parents, teachers, guides or adults to guide children through the power of the breath to gain emotional awareness, intelligence, and


About Me


Natalia Bennett

Natalia Bennett has been directing Mt West Montessori school for over 22 years. Has a BA in Painting and a Postgraduate degree in Montessori Education. She is a certified Montessori guide for Infant Community and Children’s House levels and is an International speaker and co-creator of the Mariposa Breath. Lives in El Paso with her beautiful family, has four amazing children and enjoys painting, hiking, and cooking with family. Her deepest passions include connecting parents and children through the power of the Montessori work and working with children connect with themselves through the transformational power of the breath.

What are you going to learn?

  • How to use breathwork to connect with and balance emotions

  • How to respond instead of react to challenging situations

  • How to develop self-regulation skills and lead healthier dynamics based on deeper connections and open communication

  • How to attune to children's needs and help them cultivate self-awareness in order to develop healthier relationships with themselves and others

  • How to use our Happy Breathing® tools and techniques (charts, cards, and plush animals)

  • Gain insights into how the nervous system codes personality and how breath patterns can promote more joy, calmness, love, and a sense of safety

Happy Breath

Safe Breath


Calm Breath


Love Breath


Course Overview

Through a carefully crafted curriculum that blends science, mindfulness, and practical techniques, you'll unlock the power of your breath for emotional awareness, intelligence, and self-regulation and guide you in creating safe and harmonious environments where children can thrive. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or guide, join us today and discover the life-changing benefits of Happy Breathing Essentials!

4 Live Modules with Natalia 6:30pm MT: May 4, 11, 18, 25.

Full access to the Essentials Community for Q&As, Live Sessions and more!


The Conscious Adult

-Our Role as adults

-Becoming the observer

-Communicating from the heart

-Stages of Development: Spiritual consciousness

-BONUS: Parenting Styles


The Mind and Body Connection

- Our Human Intelligence: Emotions
- Emotions in the body: How and When do they get coded?

- Our Mantra: Feel emotions, Name emotions, and Breathe emotions
- Duck Breath: The “ I feel joyful” breath
- Giraffe Breath: the “I feel safe” breath


The Breath

- What is Conscious Breathing? A tool for consciousness

- The Importance of a Connected Environment
- Penguin Breath: “ I feel safe" breath
- Lamb Breath: “ I feel loved” breath


Preparing our Home and Work Environment

- How to use our Happy Breathing Tools

- Preparing Yourself/Entrainment with your Child

- Preparing your Space

Buy Course + Box

Get full access to the program + The Happy Breathing Essentials Box


The Happy Breathing Essentials Box

What you'll see inside:

  • 4 specially selected plush Jr Warmies®

  • 2 Emotion Circles

  • 1 set of Sensation Cards

  • 2 sets of Emotion Cards (different levels)

“Happy Breathing has guided my students to identify, feel their emotions, and to express them. There is a definite difference in the child after practicing breathing class. I can feel a calm and relaxed nervous system.
The Happy Breathing experience at our school has taken us to have peaceful days and I am grateful for the prepared breathing materials that we have in the classroom.
I love it and I recommend it as a Montessori guide and as a person."

Genoveva Perez, TX

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