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Montessori Essentials:
Cultivating Peace and Connection


5 minutes a day of Breathwork can change your life. 

For Montessori Environments

We begin April 22nd.
Join us and transform your environment. 
Peaceful children, peaceful environment, peaceful Guide!

Conscious breathing is important for children in their early developmental years...

Welcome to our online program designed exclusively for Montessori guides who are committed to fostering emotional awareness, connection, and self-regulation in themselves and the children they guide. 


As a Montessori guide, you already possess a deep appreciation for the holistic development of children, and the profound impact that the prepared adult has on both the learning environment and the personal development of young minds.

The first step for a normalized peaceful environment starts with you: the prepared adult. That is why we have crafted this program, to first dig in ourselves, our emotional awareness, self-regulation techniques, assertive communication, and inner connection with our emotions and triggers, tools to talk to parents through empathy and observation without judgement. 


Based on breathing techniques and Montessori principles, you will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to nurture emotional resilience, empathy, and understanding in both yourself and the children you guide. 

But Montessori philosophy is practical and tangible, that is why this course also provides practical materials and presentations to have in your environment. Tools to support emotional intelligence in Montessori classrooms promoting peaceful environments and happy children through breathing prepared activities. 

“The real preparation for education is a study of one's self. The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character, it is a preparation of the spirit."
—Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind


You have the beautiful power within you to awaken that deep connection with your heart and the heart of the children around you.

In spite the challenging environment our children are facing through constant overstimulation, the world-wide pandemic, we come together and give ourselves the chance to progress rather than simply re-act around what we are living. Our inherent nature is to be social creatures and it is through our community that we can maximize our own potential. 


Together we can...

learn about emotions to understand the roadmap of what is happening within us, how to feel them in our bodies to be still and get the messages inside of us, and then how to regulate them with breathing patterns, which is a quick and easy way to connect within. Establish healthy routines with the breath to distress, have more energy, and be overall healthier. We can dive into the technology of heart coherence and the power of our intuitive heart to live and guide children from our authentic center. 

We believe it is essential in creating a healthy and happy community at school. Happy Breathing Essentials II is an opportunity to support children to process, connect, be aware, solve, regulate, and establish long-lasting relationships from their hearts.

Feel it

Connect to your mind heart coherence, learn techniques to awaken your intuitive heart and learn to create intention in

your life.

Name it

Allow the connection to your feeling body to receive its wisdom and messages.

Asset 1.png
Breathe it

Receive breathing patterns that can help you integrate and shift your emotional state through the awarness of your breath.

An online montessori expert-led program for parents, guides or adults to guide children through the power of the breath to gain emotional awareness, intelligence, and self-regulation.


Meet the Founder


Hi, I'm Natalia

" I'm not talking about something you don't know, I am reminding your heart of something you already knew"... this is what I tell the children when I'm talking to them about emotions in their heart.


You see, I am in this path so share my burning desire to remind parents and teachers that we have the key to opening our intuition and following our most intimate guide that drives us every moment of every day.


I'm here to share with you that through the softest of ways we can be open to finding the road map to our wholeness and that once we do, we can guide the children in our life to find their center, stay in their authenticity, and celebrate all of their emotions. Because emotions are our guide.


I believe that children have the innate power to delve within, to feel their body and be aware and regulate their nervous system. This will give them the tools to deeply connect with their authentic selves and with others, in a respectful and kind way. 


My craft is breath-work as it is the bridge to reaching deep within. My philosophy and life path has been to follow the guidance of the montessori philosophy, as it has centered me to live a life of community, respect and love. 


Hello, I am Natalia Bennett I have been directing Mt West Montessori school in El Paso for over 25 years and have loved working with guides, parents and children through the transformational power of the breath. 


I have worked with hundreds of people awakening their feeling hearts through Transformational Breath® and now  supporting hundreds of montessori students through Happy Breathing. 

Follow your heart and join me during this course. I would love to guide you and support you into awakening the language of emotions in every child to they can feel safe, feel seen and feel heard. 

With Love, Natalia 

What are you going to learn?

  • Use breath work to connect with and balance emotions, taking action alongside a group to achieve Happy Breathing within yourself and your classroom

  • An  understanding of not just the basic emotions, but diving deeper into the many breaths that support to a wider variety of emotions, sensations and connections for children from Toddlers, Primary, Lower El. and Upper El. environments.

  • An emphasis on expressing needs and requests, guiding children through the process of identifying and communicating their needs.

  • How to develop self-regulation skills and lead healthier dynamics based on deeper connections and open communication, with a focus on implementing these practices into your environment. We will together develop a year curriculum for your classroom. 

  • Through the 6 week Gain insights into how breath patterns influence the nervous system's coding of personality and how they can promote increased joy, calmness, love, and a sense of safety

  • Experience a hands-on approach to breath work and change within yourself and your environment, developing a practice to change habits and fostering a mindset and habit change in breath practice and emotional understanding

  • Learn actionable steps for implementing these practices into your environment, facilitating real change and habit formation to create a supportive and nurturing environment. 

  • Access personalized transformational breath sessions from our founder, Natalia, to support your journey towards emotional wellness and effective breath work techniques. 

Course Overview

A complete mentorship program:

A 6 week online group mentorship LIVE sessions with Natalia to develop an awareness of the breath within you, to help with our mindset, and in vision and manifest your peaceful inner and outer environment, receive the teachings from the 35 lesson Montessori Album, and practice and present lessons so you are ready to work with your children.

6 modules of online content to complete at your own pace with a year access to all the content, and presentations

12 months of monthly meetings to support and maintain your personal practice, guide your environments set up, support in your yearly lesson planning, and connect with like minded individuals! 

Full set of our Happy Breathing Materials for your Montessori Environment: 2 sets of Emotion cards, 1 set of Sensation cards, 1 set of Centering Breaths and a set of our 9 jr. sized warmies® 


Downloadable Happy Breathing Montessori Album with all of the 35 lessons.

One year access for the course +

Full access to the Essentials Community for questions, connection, and more!

1. Visualize your environment. 

Introduction to breathwork and transformation for our own self work. Our powerful mindset: what is guiding our thoughts and actions. Begin our practice towards awareness and deep and loving self regulation. Observation: Within and without. Manifesting and attracting peaceful environments from our Heart center. 

2. Deepening into understanding of Breath work and its transformational gifts. 

Learn about Transformational Breath®, a conscious connected breath as a self healing tool. Breath work as an ancient practice and a modern tool. Using Happy Breathing breaths for self regulating and an everyday go to tool.  Energy in motion= Emotion, our experiences in our life's journey. 

3. Our Loving Inquiry Process

Getting behind the understanding of NEEDS and emotions for ourselves and the children in our environments is a gift towards a normalized self and environment. Learn the tools and materials to support our students in feeling seen, heard and loved. Gift the awareness of sensations in the body to understand emotions. Begin to use assertive communication with parents, colleagues and children from this vantage point, your heart. 

4. Breath Patterns, centering breaths and Special presentations. 

Language, feeling our body in connection to emotions gives ua a great understanding of what is going on inside. This allows for self awareness, and decision making. Yes children through the presentations begin to understand, feel, name and then choose breath patterns to self regulate. This is the platform for a peaceful environment. Learn the 11 breath patters that support towards intending: more love, calm, feeling safe, feeling courageous, more focus, deeper sleep, feeling in powering, connecting with out wisdom, and manifesting more HAPPINESS.  

5. Planning, implementing and evolving

Learn how environments are planning and practicing Happy Breathing lessons every week. Lets create your own plan and practice to feel secure in presenting and opening up the conversation of emotions in your beautiful environment. Receive the structure for a Happy Breathing Presentation: Centered adult, Centering breath, Presentation, Loving inquiry process and breath practice. 

6. We are the emotional Center: Tools and practices for SELF Centering, self healing. 

Continuing on our quest for self awareness and self discovery. We will learn different modalities for self evolution: Visioning, Inner child work, Creating our Values needs charts, Journaling practice, easy breath to meditation hack:  5 minutes of breath can change your life! 

Buy The Happy Breathing Essentials II Box
Enroll in the 6 week Course
12 month monthly mentorship

Get full access to the course + The Happy Breathing Essentials II Montessori Box

All for

$97 / month

for 12 months

$197 - One-time payment

We begin April 22nd.

Join us and transform your environment. 

Peaceful children, peaceful environment, peaceful Guide!

Join us on this empowering path to create environments where every child feels seen, heard, and valued, and where the guiding spirit of Montessori flourishes in its fullest expression.
You don't have to do this alone, this is a collaboration with many like minded montessorians that want to guide holistically and suport the heart of the child. 

✨ Connect Personally: Get mentored by Natalia on your Happy Breathing journey.

🚀 Deepen Practice: Dive into deeper self awareness, hands-on discussions, role-playing, and collaborative problem-solving. Lets develop a breath practice, center and transform our environments into connected spaces. 

💡 Collective Wisdom: Benefit from Natalia's extensive Montessori and breath work wisdom and guidance on integrating social-emotional awareness programs into your environment.

🌱 Develop with Ease: Learn easy-to-implement practices that support a harmonious day, fostering openness and connection. Get practical skill to guide emotions in your environment. 

🎙️ Live Presentations: Practice your skills with live presentations, enhancing your confidence and effectiveness.

🌈 Unity for Growth: Empower yourself and set the stage for positive change through active participation from our community.

Live Weekly Meet-Ups With Natalia!
  • Mondays and Thursdays

  • Monday: 6:30-8:30 PM Thursday: 6:30-7:30 PM    (MT, El Paso, TX)

  • Zoom Meeting 


A $4997 price for only $97/month + $197 (One-time Payment)!

-Essentials II Box-$575 value

BONUS: Parenting Styles with workbook-$287 value

Module 1: Feel It-$387 value

Module 2: Name It-$387 value

Module 3: Breathe It-$387 value

Module 4: Practice It-$387 value

Module 5:-$387 value

Module 6:$387 value

35 Lesson Downloadable Montessori Album- $687

Child & Adult Heart Coherence Meditations-$87 value

Personal Mentorship with Natalia-$1,097 value

+ 1 Year Access

24 HR Course Completion

Online Community for questions and connection!

This course is intended for personal use and is not intended to certify or qualify individuals to offer training.

The Happy Breathing Essentials II Box

What is inside the BOX:

 • Full set of our Happy Breathing kit
• 2 sets of Emotion cards (different levels)

 • 1 set of Sensation cards
• 2 Emotion charts
• 1 set of Centering Breaths
• 1 set of our 9 jr. sized warmies® 

“Happy Breathing has guided my students to identify, feel their emotions, and to express them. There is a definite difference in the child after practicing breathing class. I can feel a calm and relaxed nervous system.
The Happy Breathing experience at our school has taken us to have peaceful days and I am grateful for the prepared breathing materials that we have in the classroom.
I love it and I recommend it as a Montessori guide and as a person."

Genoveva Perez, TX

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