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Our Courses and Events

Calling all parents, grandparents, teachers, guides, therapists, coaches, and counselors...

1. In-Person Programs

Begin the Journey 

Begin your healing process with these programs. They will guide you into awakening your intuitive heart and begin the journey with Happy Breathing.

Self development or personal certification tract

(Personal Tract)

Group experiences for schools or organizations

(Group Tract)

Become a Facilitator

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Become a Happy Breathing Facilitator! Whether you decide to apply our method at home, school, or business know that our programs will lead you into guiding patients, clients, group classes or children at home.

2. Online Courses


3. Daily Practice

Join Our Community

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We have created a breathing community for you to support you through your journey of transformation. We believe that a daily practice will bring you the awareness of what is within you to develop that connection with your path, giving you clarity and confidence to lead a more fulfilling life! Join us as we breathe into our hearts  every week!

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In-Person Retreats

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Online Courses

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Daily Practice

"I can see how Transformational Breath could benefit everyone."

Norman Lear, TV Producer

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