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Child Sleeping Peacefully

Are you struggling to help your child fall asleep peacefully?


Unlock the secrets of sleep and breathing with our MINI COURSE! 



Sleepless nights can be a nightmare for both parents and children. Do you dread the upcoming night routine?Is your child constantly tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep or stay asleep? Do you worry about their well-being or the aftermath of not sleeping well affecting the next-day morning routine?

This unique MINI course is designed to help you understand the science behind sleep and its impact on your child's development. We also introduce the powerful manatee sleepy breath technique, a simple yet effective way to calm your child's mind and prepare them for a restful night's sleep.

Introducing the Happy Breathing Manatee Breath


Discover the science behind sleep and growth in children, understand the impact of sleep on emotional regulation, and learn a unique breath technique that will help your child fall asleep effortlessly.

Meet the Founder


Hi, I'm Natalia

My craft is breathwork as it is the bridge to reaching deep within.  


Hello, I am Natalia Bennett I have been directing Mt West Montessori school in El Paso for over 25 years and have loved working with parents and children through the transformational power of the breath. I have a Master's in Education and a


I have worked with hundreds of people to awaken their feeling hearts through Transformation Breathwork® and now supporting hundreds of students through Happy Breathing. 

Follow your heart and join me during this course. 

With Love, Natalia 


1 / The Science Behind Sleep and Growth for Children

Ever wonder how our hormonal cycles and day-night cycles are connected?

How does our hormonal cycle and day-night cycle interconnection affect our health?

Understand the crucial role of sleep in children's physical and cognitive development

2 / Sleep and Emotional Regulation in Children

Ever wonder what happens in your child's body and mind when they have a sleepless night?

Explore the connection between sleep patterns and emotional well-being in children

3 / The Sleepy Manatee Breath

Did you know that the exchange of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen within your body can help you fall asleep?

Learn our exclusive sleepy breath for a blissful night. 

For only $22!




This course is intended for personal use and is not intended to certify or qualify individuals to offer training.

“Happy Breathing has guided my students to identify, feel their emotions, and to express them. There is a definite difference in the child after practicing breathing class. I can feel a calm and relaxed nervous system.
The Happy Breathing experience at our school has taken us to have peaceful days and I am grateful for the prepared breathing materials that we have in the classroom.
I love it and I recommend it as a Montessori guide and as a person."

Genoveva Perez, TX

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