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In-Person Programs

Into the Heart

This in-person workshop will allow your staff to begin the journey of becoming a heart school. It is a full-day event designed for schools and organizations to introduce participants to a breathwork practice. The workshop focuses on developing Heart-Mind coherence and self-awareness, which can lead to improved self-regulation skills, healthier lives, and better communication. This event provides a wonderful opportunity to experience Happy Breathing and its benefits for children in your school environnment and for adults inner child healing. 


About Our Program


  • 8 hour in person event.

  • We come to your organization.

  • Introduction to becoming a heart school for all your staff.


  • You will expereince well-established transformational breathwork sessions to detox the body, raise your vibration, feel your essence and heal emotions, develop self-confidence and live with more joy.

  • 3 of our own innovative happy breathing breaths that are  revolutionizing emotional awareness for children.

  • Deep inner child healing practice to work deeply from the root of the subconscious.

  • Heart coherence meditations to discover the manifestation power of the intuitive heart.

  • Human intelligence and it’s integration.

  • A how-to on creating a heart school through the practice of open communication (how to communicate and listen from the heart).


  • Begin the journey to a more intuitive heart centered staff.

  • Deeper connection within your staff and the children in your community.

  • Connect with open the intuitive hearts of your staff to create assertive staff members.

  • Align your organization's goals so your team can all take intuitive heart-filled steps towards them through the wisdom of the heart.

  • Understand the importance of quiet observation.

  • Learn about the importance of being a coherent adult when responding to children and as part of a team.

  • Have your staff learn self-regulation tools to become less triggered when dealing with difficult situations and personal life.

  • A healthy staff equals a healthy organizational environment.

  • Create self care practices through the breathe to aid your staff deal with everyday life.

  • A heart connected staff is a coherent flowing staff.

Meet Your Trainer


Natalia Bennett is an educator and has been directing Mt West Montessori school in El Paso, for over 22 years. Has a Postgraduate degree in Montessori Education and is a certified Montessori guide for early childhood development. She is a Transformational Breath® facilitator and an Ordained Minister. She is an International speaker and co-creator of Happy Breathing®. 


She lives in El Paso with her husband and four amazing children and enjoys painting, hiking, and cooking with her family. Her deepest passions include connecting parents and children through the beautiful Montessori philosophy and the transformational power of the breath.

Natalia Bennett

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