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Daily Practice

Just Breathe

The way you breath is the way you lead your life, so we have created a weekly program to accompany you through your journey. We encourage our community and you to join us as creating different breath patterns enables us to change our lives. Having a community that practices breathing regularly, allows us to hold deeper connecting spaces and become accountable for our spiritual development. Our practice invites people to gain awareness on a more continual bases. We help create those habits that will allow those changes that we are seeking.

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About Our Program


  • Sessions will be held every Saturday @8:30 am MT time.

  • Initial session will be schedule with Natalia.

  • Every session will be recorded and sent to you through the group chat.

  • Benefit from the recording if you are not able to attend.

  • You will need your phone or computer, earphones (important), a blanket, and a pillow.

  • Guaranteed 2 live sessions per month.


  • 52 weeks per year of live/recorded breath sessions by our founder, Natalia.

  • You will become part of our community through a Whatsapp group.

  • You will receive weekly affirmations to raise your connection and vibration.

  • For beginners, learn to feel the opening of your breath in the body. 

  • For intermediate/advanced breathers, connect with a powerful breathing community to maintain coherence and high vibration.

  • Learn concepts of spirituality, basic science behind the breath, child and human development and learn about Natalia’s practice.


  • Release restrictive patterns through the respitory system that will bring more flow in your life.

  • Lead a more consciously, mindful life.

  • More oxygen, better health.

  • Deeper connection with self and feel your intuitive heart.

  • Open to your potential and the opportunities in your life. Receive so much love.

  • Increase your energy.

  • Insight and clarity. 

  • Deeper breath, deeper relationships.

Book Weekly Breathing Practice

Surrender to the calling of your HEART...


This is a yearly membership program. I invite you to participate in a weekly online session with me. Beginning with a one on one or small group session of 2-3 people to guide you to prepare yourself for the sessions.


You'll embark on a journey with me with my teachings, and with my experiences. It will reset your week for a successful and beautiful time.


"The Breathwork resets my whole week. I feel calm and in the flow of things when I breath on Saturdays with Natalia"


You will meet like-minded individuals like you that are on the quest to find your potential. open up yourself to the life you can live by being freeing your limiting beliefs and emotions that are really deeply hidden from your conscious awareness.


Often, when we breathe together on our weekly practice, we have many breakthroughs an awareness that supports the growth of your heart and your intuition. In many ways, the breath allows you to express yourself better in your surrounding environment, and allows you to deeply connect with your heart so that you can see the miracles that are happening every day. 


It is mind blowing ( pun intended 😄 ) experience that can change you life.


Follow your heart, don't think about it and begin your breathing practice. This online program is safe, and it's a lot of fun. 


Become part of our community! Can't wait to meet you.





Follow your heart, don't think about it and begin your breathing practice. This online program is safe, and it's a lot of fun. 

Meet Your Trainer


Natalia Bennett is an educator and has been directing Mt West Montessori school in El Paso, for over 22 years. Has a Postgraduate degree in Montessori Education and is a certified Montessori guide for early childhood development. She is a Transformational Breath® facilitator and an Ordained Minister. She is an International speaker and co-creator of Happy Breathing®. 


She lives in El Paso with her husband and four amazing children and enjoys painting, hiking, and cooking with her family. Her deepest passions include connecting parents and children through the beautiful Montessori philosophy and the transformational power of the breath.

Natalia Bennett

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"I am thankful for the teachings and instilling in me the practice of breathing. It has made an important change in my life. I have clarity, I have trust in myself, and I am strong."

Judith Deanda

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